Our Solar Solutions

SunPower offers customized solar systems backed by a national brand and installed by local experts.

Residential Solar Systems

Our product partners undergo a meticulous selection process considering various factors such as quality, accessibility, and reliability.

SUNPOWER® Equinox®

SunPower Equinox® embodies unrivaled power, design, and dependability as the sole all-inclusive, integrated home solar system.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Offers the sole complete home solar + storage solution, exclusively designed by a single company.

Prime Aesthetics: Its all-black design and discrete InvisiMount™ mounting system erase visible hardware, achieving a superior appearance preferred by eight out of 10 homeowners over leading competitors.

Monitoring In Your Hand: Manage and monitor real-time system performance conveniently through the mySunPower® app.

Full System Warranty: SunPower®, the only U.S. solar company surpassing its 25-year warranty, fully supports your entire system.

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SunVault® Battery

Empower your solar system with solar storage for continuous energy provision during outages. This ensures safety, freedom, and control in unpredictable situations.

Independence in Energy: Store surplus clean energy to break free from the grid and avoid costly peak-hour rates during outages.

Enhanced Capacity: SunVault® Battery manages power surges effortlessly, enabling simultaneous operation of large appliances during outages.

Extended Lifespan: Enjoy unlimited energy throughput, cycle counts, and longer battery life compared to other storage systems.

Tailored Backup: Select specific appliances for backup power, customizing energy usage for comfort during outages. 

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mySunPower® app

Monitor your home solar, storage and electricity use—from virtually anywhere. Use the mySunPower mobile app to view your individual panel production in real time to see how each panel is performing.

By integrating seamlessly with your SunPower® solar and battery storage solutions, the mySunPower app puts the power to monitor system performance and control battery settings in the palm of your hand. The app is an extension of the mySunPower web portal and is currently available to SunPower Equinox® customers.

Take control of your electricity use and savings: Monitor your entire solar + storage system with a holistic view of electricity generated, energy consumed* and available battery power.
Review your electricity use by day, month or year and easily monitor system performance with real-time reporting and graphs.
Track your electricity generation in all conditions with our integrated weather API.
Stay up to date on system status, connectivity and changing weather conditions with live in-app alerts.

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